7 Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Golf Day

Whether you’ve considered a golf day for your business in the past or not, I’m sure there will be someone in your office who has attended one.

You might be running an annual golf day for the wrong reasons, like:

“Our competitors have one”

“We’ve always had one”

“Our marketing budget needs to be spent on something”

If you’re currently organising and running a golf day for your company, then you may not need persuading but these 7 points will help make your next event better and make your investment worthwhile.

1. Quality Client Time

Considering your prospects busy schedule, you might be lucky enough to have their attention for a few minutes. Hosting a golf day gives you the ability to have an extended period of time with these prospects. Without suits, agendas or offices to formalise your actions, you’ll be able to connect with each guest on a more personal level.

Inviting both existing and prospective clients from your business allows them to mix naturally and explain the relationship and service you provide. If you’re confident in your product/service, then these existing clients should act as sales staff for you on the day. This will act as social proofing, which is key to conversion in modern consumer and B2B transactions.

Additionally, and almost as importantly, a golf day provides a smart organiser with the chance to pair two attendees for the benefit of each other’s cause. For example, your external accountant playing with one of your small, yet growing accounts (who may be experiencing accounting issues) might provide the perfect ingredients for a developing relationship.

2. Professionalism

The way in which you organise and execute a golf event will reflect on your business and how it runs. A well-run golf day will reinforce the services and quality levels of your company.

Preparation is key here, so work closely with your Event Organiser and club to make sure nothing is left to chance. The club is also key to how you would like to portray your business; associate yourself with a club which you believe to be on your level.

3. Standing Out

With a golf day, you have the opportunity to distinguish your company from your competition. Make sure that your golf day is the one that your clients and prospective clients want to attend.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Bring something different to your event each year, whether it’s a halfway hut food truck, a trick shot show or a coaching clinic. Create moments for your clients, they will then associate these feelings with your business.

4. Increasing Brand Awareness

Hiring a photographer is a great way to create content for the day and memories for your guests. Be sure to have the photographer(s) available for the whole day, from guest arrival, teeing off, on the course, reception drinks, and dinner. Create an album on your Facebook page or upload to a photo hosting website like 500px and have them available to download for free. Some photographers may offer to print what they captured on the day for when your guests return to the clubhouse.

There are normally two options when you hire photographers at these events: either you pay the photographer a fee or they try to sell what they’ve taken on the day for a commission. Always opt for the former, always. Always.

5. Social Media Exposure

In today’s media jungle, where engagement and shares rule over all, social media plays a big part in the perception of individuals, groups and businesses. You can give specific events a hashtag to use, accompanied by a screen with a live stream of hashtag usage. Guy Kawasaki gives a great list of how to socialise an event here.

If you’ve thought enough in advance, and you have the budget, you could even broadcast the event live through your social media channels. This is now available on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Periscope, and many other platforms. What better way to entertain the stakeholders of your business than watching your Operations Manager 4-putt on the 18th green?

Snappy.TV is a great tool to distribute (almost) live embedded video highlights through Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. If it’s good enough for the PGA Tour, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, and many more organisations, it’s good enough for your business. Gone are the days waiting for Ceefax to update the scores, now this content is available to those who pursue it.

6. Creating Future Content

Marketing a recurring annual event can be difficult in the early days, with limited content to use in attracting the initial prospective clients and sponsors.

The investment of a production team at your first event can last you a few years whilst you build up footage and recognition. It’s also a good way of following up with clients after the event, to show them the footage or photos and continue the conversation you may have started at your event.

7. Thanking and Recognising

Corporate outings are important opportunities to thank existing clients for their loyalty and business.

Superficially, your company doesn’t benefit, however, a degree of loyalty is promoted with your clients and they realise you are thinking about their cause and not just selling to them.

Relationships are one of the major keys to successful business growth, and a well organised corporate golf day can be an ideal way to build these relationships.

For more information on Golf Events at The Melbourne Club, click here.

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